Aussenansicht der fertigen Halle nach Produktionserweiterung und Generalplanung für B. Braun

Expansion of production facility – integral general planning of plastics processing.

The B. Braun Group is one of the oldest and most successful globally-aligned suppliers of high-quality products in the field of pharmaceutical and medical technology. The continuous expansion of the range of products and services offered by the company required a comprehensive extension in the production capacity at the Escholzmatt site. As the general planner, IE Plast assumed responsibility for the integral construction, operational and logistics planning, while considering the specific conditions and exacting requirements surrounding the production of industrial plastics. Thanks to the interdisciplinary expertise of IE experts in the fields of logistics, automation and clean room planning, the production capacity at the existing site was almost doubled.

Building contractor:
B. Braun Medical AG

Planning and implementation:
IE Plast

Planning and implementation of an extension to a building for the production and sterilisation of highly-specialised disposable plastic products under clean room conditions

Planning and construction time:
18 months

Base area of extension:
12,500 m2

Investment amount:
CHF 33 million

Projekt zum Download:
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The challenge.

In particular, a high degree of flexibility was required to be able to respond to the changing market environment and new technologies in the plastics industry at any time. Furthermore, an optimum degree of automation for the production processes was also pursued to ensure the efficient use of energy and reduce the operating costs. The overriding objective, however, was to double the manufacturing capacity in the existing production hall. For this purpose, it was necessary to reorganise the processes in the area of plastics processing in particular. The existing sterilisation facility was replaced with a more efficient system. B. Braun Medical also required further space for the development of new technologies in the field of plastics processing. Moreover, it was also necessary for the implementation to take place during active operations.

The success factors.

The key criterion was the sector experience of IE Plast in the field of the plastics industry and clean room planning in particular. In this respect, the experts from IE Plast not only assumed responsibility for the complete planning of the construction work, they also reconfigured all the operational and logistics processes. And they did so without interrupting the ongoing production processes. Due to the integral, step-by-step concept, it was also possible for the clean room status to be maintained throughout. This was largely due to the exacting coordination of the operational and structural processes and the close cooperation with IE Plast. Furthermore, the commitment of IE Plast as a general planner was also very convincing.

18 months

from the start to operational readiness according to the Operational Qualification (OQ)


in the adaptation of the industrial buildings to dynamic changes in the market


in operating costs through increased energy efficiency


of the clean room production capacity


and automation of the logistics processes

Building implementation

took place during active operations

“In the complex field of medical technology in particular, we require experts who are able to understand us. On the basis of a master plan that was drawn up jointly with IE Plast, we were able to develop a challenging staging concept that is genuinely impressive in terms of the quality, costs and commitment.”

Peter Lochmann,
Facility Manager ZFH, B. Braun Medical AG

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