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General planning of a high-bay warehouse for corrugated cardboard and packaging.

Having originally emerged from the oldest corrugated cardboard manufacturing plant, the Bourquin Group is one of the leading suppliers of packaging material in the Swiss packaging industry. The continuous growth of the company made an expansion of the existing production facilities and buildings at the Oensingen site necessary. For this purpose, as the general planner, IE Packaging was commissioned with the conceptualisation and implementation of a state-of-the-art order picking and high-bay warehouse. As an experienced industrial construction specialist for the packaging industry, IE Packaging was able to convince with an integral planning approach.

Building contractor:
Bourquin SA

Planning and implementation:
IE Packaging

General planning, operations and logistics planning for a high-bay warehouse, extension of the existing industrial buildings at the production location in Oensingen

Planning and construction time:
1½ years

Overall area of high-bay warehouse:
56,980 m2

Overall area of block warehouse:
27,552 m2

Investment amount:
CHF 17 million

Projekt zum Download:
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The challenge.

The greatest challenge in this industrial construction project proved to be the exacting requirements that Bourquin SA attributed to the new high-bay warehouse. In addition to the creation of a storage capacity of approx. 10,000 pallet bays with a height of up to two metres, our experts were also required to make the picking processes more efficient. It was also necessary to optimise the material flows and increase the rate of pallet handling to up to 100 pallets per hour. In addition to this, the integration of an up-to-date staff canteen, several archives and an auditorium was required.

The success factors.

IE Packaging planned the extension of the production site on a consistent basis inside to outside to coordinate the aesthetics and practicality on an ideal basis. In this respect, the steel structure of the high-bay warehouse was attached directly to the storage racks. Moreover, the new TransFaster® / Aviator® high-bay technology from Westfalia allows the retrieval vehicles to operate on an overhead basis. This allowed for the use of an otherwise complicated transportation and conveying system to be avoided. Order picking processes that are more efficient, optimised material flows and an increased rate of pallet handling also ensure greater cost-effectiveness. These benefits are joined by open plan workspaces which are integrated seamlessly in the building structure and equipped with the latest technology.

1½ years

from the concept until the warehouse was opened


integration of the high-bay technology and workspaces


workstations with the latest building technology systems


configuration of the logistics and operations planning


pallet bays for greater storage capacity


configuration without the need for complicated transportation and conveyor technology


planning, inside to outside


configuration of operational processes for added cost-effectiveness

“Thanks to the planning expertise of IE Packaging, we were able to implement one of the most innovative high-bay warehouses of this kind in the field of the packaging sector in a very short time.”

Guido Bardelli,
Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bourquin SA

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