Ansicht Montagehalle von Mowag GmbH nach Umbau durch IE Group

IE master plan + renovation, MOWAG GmbH, Kreuzlingen.

In order to remain competitive as a manufacturer of technologically superior armoured vehicles in the future as well, MOWAG GmbH’s operating processes at the production site in Kreuzlingen had to be designed in a more economic manner. IE Industrial took on the general planning of the new construction project “Plant 2000” for a new assembly factory as well as the construction planning for a multi-storey office building. In addition, it was considered necessary to streamline the logistics processes using process-oriented operation planning and to renovate existing industrial halls in such a way that operating costs can be reduced in a sustainable manner.

Building contractor:
MOWAG GmbH, Kreuzlingen

Planning and implementation:
IE Industrial

General planning and implementation of a new production building, construction planning of a multi-storey office building as well as the renovation of the existing factory premises

Planning and construction time:
2.5 years

New construction area (north area):
12,500 m2

Renovation area (north area):
11,000 m2

Usable area (south area):
9,474 m2

Investment amount:
CHF 36 million + CHF 8 million for operating materials

Projekt zum Download:
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The challenge.

The factory premises at the Kreuzlingen site, which has grown and developed over 50 years, is divided into a north area and a south area by a busy road. In this way, various production buildings and industrial halls have arisen on both sides. Due to the structures developing in different ways, the operational and logistics processes were becoming increasingly complex and inefficient. However, the introduction of new products required a more efficient order processing system and optimised production processes.

The success factors.

It was primarily the gradual approach of IE Industrial which impressed. In this way, an overview of all weak points of the company area and operating processes was drafted in various workshops, before the actual construction project. Our experts also developed a binding master plan which ensured the implementation of an industrial construction during active operations and a guarantee when it came to deadlines and costs. Thanks to the consistent construction planning and the implementation of the integral concept, the operating processes could be designed in a more efficient manner and streamlined considerably. The quality of the workplaces was also enormously improved and 30% of the overall usable area was saved.

2.5 years

from master plan to completion

Increasing efficiency

thanks to streamlining and optimising the production processes


of the goods and material flows


communication by consolidating development, technology and production


less area use thanks to building concentration


the planning and production times


the production costs thanks to shorter run times

“With IE Industrial’s experience and our requirements, we were capable of abandoning old thought patterns and discussing completely new solution approaches. Thanks to the savings which we made through the reorganisation, we continue to be competitive on the market.”

Jakob Germann,
Head of Production, Member of the Executive Board of MOWAG GmbH

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