Innenansicht Halle bei Projekt Machbarkeitsstudie & Hygieneprojekt für HLM

Feasibility study and hygiene concept for a new high-tech production location.

Leuthold Mechanik AG (HLM) develops and manufactures high-precision machinery, apparatus and tools. The company wanted to merge several facilities at its Einsiedeln location to ensure the sensitive high-tech production in the future, while complying with the strictest of hygiene requirements. IE Technology was commissioned to complete a feasibility study and successfully convert a former furniture factory. The task was to plan and implement the new administration building and the production halls including the hygiene concept on a step-by-step basis.

Building contractor:
HLM Leuthold Mechanik AG, Einsiedeln

Planning and implementation:
IE Technology

Preparation of a feasibility study, a hygiene concept and the construction planning for the conversion of a furniture factory so as to combine several plants at one location under the strictest of hygiene requirements, automation and digitalisation in the high-tech production

Planning and construction time:
3 years

Stage 1:
6,000 m2  

Stage 2:
4,500 m2

Stage 3:
6,000 m2

Stage 4:
1,400 m2

Investment amount:
CHF 25 million

Projekt zum Download:
PDF herunterladen

The challenge.

Before the start of the construction work, it was necessary to clarify whether the former furniture factory was suitable for the production of sensitive high-tech products and how the industrial buildings could be put to the best possible use. In this respect, it was necessary to compile a feasibility study. To understand the respective operating procedures and fulfil the hygiene requirements, which are sometimes strict, industry-specific know-how and wide-ranging expertise in the areas of clean rooms and automation were also required. It was also necessary for IE Technology’s implementation planning to ensure that the ongoing production processes would be disrupted as little as possible, and for the efficiency of the operations to be increased significantly in comparison with the former locations.

The success factors.

In close cooperation with the customer, IE Technology developed a concept for the step-by-step conversion and relocation of the industrial building over the course of three years. The wide-ranging know-how of the experts from IE Technology regarding the requirements of the entire operational processes provided the basis. During the conversion of the furniture factory, a conscious effort was made to avoid working counter to the structure of the building, but rather, to adapt the existing architecture. For this purpose, a 6,000 m² area with the stricter hygienic requirements was separated off in the existing hall to ensure the highly-sensitive production and development of high-tech products and electrical technology products. To reduce the operating costs over the long term, in the future, the waste heat from the generation of the compressed air is to be used to heat the new administration building.

3 years

from the feasibility study to finalisation


conversion of existing industrial buildings as an attractive alternative to a new construction


increase in the efficiency of the production processes


conversion and relocation of the new production location


hygiene concept with clear zoning and the controlled flow of goods and personnel


in the energy costs through the conversion of waste heat for heating purposes

“The construction costs were ultimately exactly on budget, all the deadlines were complied with, and we are now benefiting from the significantly increased efficiency of our manufacturing processes over the long term.”

Heinz Leuthold,
CEO, HLM Leuthold Mechanik AG, Einsiedeln

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