Aussenansicht der Logistikbrücke von MPreis nach Ausbau des Bäckereibetriebs durch IE Food

General planning and feasibility study for the expansion of a bakery operation.

MPREIS is one of the most popular food retailers in Austria and has its own production facility for meat products and baked goods at the Völs site. IE Food was contracted as general planner to extend the bakery during active operations. It was considered necessary to optimise the logistics processes and design the existing deep-freeze warehouse in a more efficient manner using fully-automated conveyor technology. In this way, the economy of the food production system could be optimised. The industrial construction project was implemented homogenously both from a technical as well as a visual perspective.

Building contractor:

Planning and implementation:
IE Food

General and logistics planning for the expansion during active production, preceding creation of a feasibility study for the food manufacturer

Construction time:
1¾ years

Area of new construction (gross floor area):
5,400 m2

Overall area overbuilt:
2,735 m2

Gross room volume:
33,570 m3

Projekt zum Download:
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The challenge.

The multi-faceted aims of the food manufacturer were challenging for the industrial construction project. How can the bakery be optimally linked to the deep-freeze warehouse to meet the high requirements of hygiene and logistics? How can boxes and crates of different baked lines be stacked onto pallets automatically and transported as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt the cold chain? How can the cooling storage be expanded by up to 1,800 pallet bays? And how can it succeed in meeting all these requirements during active production of foodstuffs? Another difficult factor is that the deep-freeze warehouse is separated from the actual industrial building by a road.

The success factors.

IE Food planned the project consistently inside to outside. In this way, our experts concentrated first on the processing of baked goods and meat production. Building upon a feasibility study, a fully-automated logistics bridge was designed to connect the bakery without interrupting the cold chain. The bridge was fitted with ventilation technology for cooling in order to prevent fluctuating temperatures. For a greater level of efficiency and economy, the overall logistics processes were digitalised and automated using the latest crate conveyor technology as well as articulated robots. With the ambitious technical and construction expansion of the production site, the experts at IE Food were able to prove their comprehensive construction competence in the food industry in an impressive manner.

1¾ years

from the feasibility study to the completion of the new production site


the economy through automated and optimised exchange processes


docking labour thanks to fully-automated logistics and operational processes


more pallet bays in the expanded deep-freeze warehouse


process flows and short transport routes between production and the finished goods warehouse


of production processes thanks to an integral logistics concept

“With the implementation of this industrial construction project, we succeeded in raising the quality of our food production system to a new level, along with the experts from IE Food.”

Mathias Mölk,
Head of the bakery / MPREIS, Völs

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